why food coloring does not expire

Does Food Coloring Expire? Big Surprise

Does Food Coloring Expire?

Food coloring does not have an expiry date because it does not contain organic components or chemicals that degrade. Do not toss out your food coloring because its expiration does not indicate anything but rather a requirement by the FDA.

does food coloring expire

Do not throw away your food coloring yet. Food coloring does not contain any chemical components or perishable materials. So, you top right there if were intending on tossing out your outdated food coloring bottles.

Why Food Coloring Does Not Expire

The main reason food coloring does not expire is because they are artificial and come from components that do not undergo chemical degradation. Most artificial synthetic food coloring today are made from hydrocarbons (crude oil) making their shelf lives indefinite.

Experts also point out that expiration dates are listed because manufacturers are compelled to fulfill that task, but you can still use the food coloring after its shelf life has elapsed.

The National Resource Defense Council further states that the expiry date should not be treated as a reliable indicator of whether or not a food coloring is still safe to use or not.

Food Coloring Made At Home

The shelf life of an all-natural DIY food coloring is substantially shorter. These home-made food coloring expire after a few days depending on how they are stored.

Natural ingredients such as fruits, spices, and vegetables can be used to make natural food coloring, but they will ultimately spoil. Homemade food coloring can be kept refrigerated for up to 6 weeks.

Food coloring purchased from stores, on the other hand, does not go bad. They can last for years because they don’t contain any perishable ingredients.

However, natural food coloring, like any other food item, will go bad with time. However, with appropriate storage, it will last for a longer time.

Is Food Coloring Safe To Eat?

There is no exact safety risk that comes with eating food coloring since they are mostly safe to consumer.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees the safety of all food additives, including colors. However, some individuals are more dye-sensitive than others. Even while allergies triggered by food dyes are uncommon, they can still arise.


Because most food colorings do not have any chemicals that might rot or go bad, they have an unlimited shelf life when stored properly. If your food coloring seems dried out or has had its color changed, it should be discarded.

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